IT Solutions for Businesses

IT Solutions for Businesses

Right now, however, the debate focuses mostly on Ethereum, its upcoming merge and relatively new layer 2 solutions – which we’ll concentrate on in this article. Serial FinTech entrepreneur building next generation platforms to optimise for impact and financial returns. Founder and CEO of Proof of Impact with previous positions at Osmosis Investment Management and J.P Morgan. Blockchain enthusiast and excited about decentralization and disruptive technologies.

  • IndyKite founder Lasse Andresen (ex-Sun Microsystems, co-founder and former CTO of ForgeRock) and team are building the identity platform for Web 3.0.
  • In this way, general system processes can now act to scale alongside the quantum entanglement performed by quantum computing.
  • The following are 10 examples of deep tech startups that want to change the world.
  • The advent of deep technology is already transforming our world and will become further integrated into our lives in the future.
  • Cheryl is also head of Marketing Communications for HighTechXL, deep-tech venture builder based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

When technologists and scientists work together on a corporate goal, the result is deep tech. With Wolves Summit Vienna about to kick off, we’re excited to announce a final call to register to our FREE OF CHARGE workshops for all attendees prepared by world-class experts to help you grow and scale your business. All you need to do to join is register your interest today and show up in the Board Room at the starting time.

Deep Tech 101: What is Deep Tech?

Commonplace appliances and devices are fitted with high-power processors that can swiftly process data while conserving the electrical current fed to them. According to BCG, deep tech startups attract greater funding than other types of tech companies in the past five years. Biotechnology involves developing valuable products by exploiting existing biological processes or by developing new ones. Genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics and vaccines, genetically modified seeds that are more resistant to climate change and pests, etc. are some examples of how biotechnology is disrupting the current system. Deep tech’s “profound enabling power” has the potential to bring about real change.

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This unique combination of quantum technologies is the fastest way to scale to thousands of qubits, a prerequisite for industry-relevant quantum advantage. Porotech is revolutionizing the semiconducting industry thanks to its multifunctional GaN semiconductor wafers. Their proprietary technology and unique production process allow for the creation of porous semiconductor materials and structures with enhanced behavior. GaN has important photonic properties which allow it to be used in LEDs and microLEDS, as well as energy efficient properties which have important applications in RF and power devices.

Future Of Deep Tech

Along with the IoT evolution, in the upcoming years, it will be extensively used across various industries such as manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and consumer goods. There is currently a gap in the deeptech early-stage market in Quebec, largely due to the perceived risk of these companies. In the early stages, however there is an abundance of non-dilutive funding that companies can tap into, which helps alleviate the burden of the high capital requirements of research and development. Deeptech companies often have difficulty finding investors who are willing to take on both the technology and product-market fit risks. Their lack of funding causes them to further struggle to de-risk their business, which perpetuates the problem even further.

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Going through a design-build-test-learn cycle is always recommended to reduce risk, speed up product development, and time to commercialization, if that’s the goal. Secondly, deep tech is revolutionary – radically broadening innovation in business and improving the quality of life. To be revolutionary is to be novel, and that means Tech Trends no existing technologies can solve the problem the way this “deep tech” can. One well-known fact is that deep technology-based companies are a prime contributor to medical and economic growth; to this, several countries have reacted by starting initiatives to excite this high-risk market gap and inspire innovative mindsets.

Get insights on what non-techies really need to know about tech to run companies, transition careers and make smart investments. If you want to increaseproductivity,innovationanddiversity,then your non-technical teams need to learn how to collaborate with the techies. Quantum computing refers to leverage the unique properties of matter at nanoscale to solve computational problems, such as integer factorization substantially faster than classical computers. AI refers to the simulation of human-like intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and perform tasks that used to be the exclusive purview of humans.

Deep tech

One measure of the enthusiasm in the space is the activity of VCs who focus on deep tech. Last month, Tel Aviv-based Grove Ventures, which funds companies spanning Europe and beyond, closed a $125 million fund to back deep-tech startups and is already raising another fund of the same amount. Firms that Grove has backed include fabless IoT semiconductor startup Wiliot, API marketplace RapidAPI, autonomous vehicle startup TriEye, next-generation manufacturing startup 3DSignals and a number of startups still in stealth.

Deep Tech companies are usually founded by technical founders, and sometimes have non-technical co-founders who help them commercialise the innovation. A good example is biotech tech start-up Vitro Labs, where a scientist teamed up with a fashion industry expert to create laboratory grown leather. Today, deep tech has a profound impact on almost all the important segments of the economy like the automotive industry, robotics, smart homes, smart cities, healthcare, fintech, agritech, edtech, energy efficiency.

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We invest in deeptech start-ups in Europe that have managed to connect with some potential customers and are beginning to find exciting evidence of global demand for what it is that they hope to be able to create. The above shows that AI is the most frequently occuring description within Deep Tech . The below schematic from Neota Logic shows the fields of specialisation within AI. For example, machine learning is a more narrowly defined specialisation within AI (where algorithms learn themselves, without needing to be literally 100% pre-programmed). For example, natural language processing, vision, and speech recognition all make frequent use of machine learning. Simply put, that’s a powerful computing and processing solution that enables conducting a variety of complex calculations in a shorter time.

What Deep Tech is from A Market Perceptive?

IndyKite is building a new paradigm of digital identity solutions based on a model that solves for all kinds of identities and the many ways they interact with and inform each other. Connected data, in what is known as IndyKite’s Identity Knowledge Graph, provides the power to ask unprecedented questions for context-aware, real-time recommendations, hyper-personalization and fine-grained authorization decisions. Planqc’s quantum computers are built on the precision of the world’s best atomic clocks, the world’s best quantum gas microscopes, and high-speed Rydberg gates.

According to the Financial Times, in 2017 the total funding towards deep tech companies reached around €3 billion across 600 deals. Bitmovin provides transcoding and media streaming solutions for developers and businesses. The company has developed the market’s fastest API driven cloud-based video encoding service and an HTML5 Player that allows adaptive content to be played on any device, in any browser without buffering. Their API based products help developers around the world solve video problems with cloud-native software that runs anywhere.

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Many experts point to this being evidenced by the investment marketing statistics. However, that may soon change, as Singularity University recently announced a program designed to boost deep tech investment in the Asia-Pacific. Current world’s population almost reaching 8 billion, the question of food insecurity becomes more acute these days. However, deep tech solutions have all the potential to significantly enhance farming practices by introducing more sustainable methods of food production. Thus, they leverage technologies such as AI and machine learning to enhance the development of different industries like chemistry, agriculture, and others.

Mobility start-ups attract the most climate tech funding in CEE with 54.4% of the total in the last year. Start-ups in Estonia and Lithuania raised 83% of total climate tech investment in the region. Despite being the largest economy, Poland has raised only 4.65% of total climate tech funding in CEE between 2013 and the first half of 2021.

Indian Deep Tech and a case for a strategic fund – The Hindu

Indian Deep Tech and a case for a strategic fund.

Posted: Sat, 15 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

For example, a telephone-based delivery service now offered in digital fashion through a phone app, or a bookshop now offering e-books for digital download, would both be examples of shallow tech. Different valuation criteria – For many investors, evaluating a startup involves looking at its team, product/market fit, revenue forecasts, cashflow burn or run rate, customer pipeline, and other commercial metrics or projections. For example, due to heavy or inconsistent R&D spend, a deep tech startup can be loss making for many years without a single commercial revenue source, yet this does not mean that it is unsuccessful. More relevant criteria for a deep tech startup include IP (e.g. patents), R&D milestones (e.g. proof of concept demonstrations), partnerships with industry leaders, and research grant funding received. Deep Render´s vision is to combine the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Statistics and Information theory to unlock the fundamental limits of image and video compression. Their Biological compression approximates the neurological processes of the human eye through a non-linear, context-aware, learning-based approach, thereby creating a novel class of highly efficient compression algorithms.

Deep tech innovations are often radical and may create new markets or disrupt existing ones. Deep tech companies often address big societal and environmental challenges and have potential to impact everyday life. Silicon chips are an example of innovation that enabled calculation at previously unimaginable speed and scale. Deep tech is considered a new technology with many outstanding advantages compared to current technology. They require in-depth research to develop into practical and commercialized applications.

Technological Progress: Risk or opportunity for employment?

Photonics is a discipline of science focused on generating and harnessing the properties of photons . It involves the use of lasers, optics, fibre-optics, and electro-optical devices in numerous fields of technology like alternate energy, manufacturing, telecommunication, security, etc. Usually, such startups operate on, but are not limited to, agriculture, life sciences, chemistry, aerospace and green energy.

What is an Artificial Intelligence company?

Our goal is to provide investors from all corners of the world with eyes on the deeptech market in Quebec. We believe that our role is to connect these global investors to the best possible opportunities here, and that this approach will be a key catalyst for growth of the businesses that we support. Deeptech companies can be characterized as having both high product-market fit risk and high technology risk. The rationalization behind this surge in popularity regarding deep tech, is that deep tech applications are what will solve real-world issues.

Weirdest Failed Startups That You Should Know About

Sophia helps corporates up skill their teams for digital transformation and teaches non-technical innovators how to bring their ideas to life. Taught at London Business School, Oxford University, the University of Chicago and leading corporates & accelerators. Our philosophy is to research, curate, and provide the best startup feeds and resources to help you succeed in your venture. We are currently ranked as the 13th best startup website in the world and are paving our way to the top.

Cheryl is also head of Marketing Communications for HighTechXL, deep-tech venture builder based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Cheryl moved from the U.S. to the Netherlands in 2016 and immediately embedded in the Eindhoven tech ecosystem, meeting many inspiring “deep-tech” women. Cheryl was active in the 100 Wise Women and Women 4 Women communities in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and is excited to join the planning team for Inspiring 50 Deep-Tech Edition Benelux+. Think of female founders of deep-tech startups and scale-ups, women involved in deep-tech research at universities or policymakers in government agencies or non-profits. Harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products to improve our lives and the health of the planet.

Even though mobile technologies and the IOT are only the beginning of this new revolution, they have dramatically changed the ways in which we work and live our everyday lives. To do so it has created a platform that captures, indexes and searches for data on scents and flavors. Bruce German, chemist and Professor at the University of California in Davis calls it the “Google Maps for taste and scent” – something very useful for companies working in the food, consumer goods, chemicals or agricultural industries. Aspects like 3D-printing, DNA sequencing, and computer-aided design all mean the test and prototype stages are more accessible and quicker than ever before.

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